The Dolphin Man comes to an end

Don't read this blog post! It is the ending of The Dolphin Man, a publishing experiment.

If you are intrigued, start here – this is a blog you have to read backwards, starting in November last year and finishing just the other day. How it all began…

"For the few who knew I’d left, I have arrived.
Who am i?
Some people call me the dolphin man. That is all you need to know for now.
Where am I?
That is a secret: a Top Secret.
Why am I here?
I am a researcher (I dislike the word ‘scientist’) and I work with dolphins. I investigate the way dolphins communicate with each other and other pods of dolphins that may be swimming many miles away across the ocean.
Most scientists doubt that this possible that this is possible over the scale – hundreds of miles – that I’m interested in. These are the same scientists that say that dolphins don’t have a true language as such, just some fancy one-way signalling, as opposed to true two-way communication.
I will spend the next three to five years here and I will prove the sceptics wrong.
In the meantime, there’s just me, and this blog. I have a laptop with satellite broadband Internet. It would be a bit of a waste to sit here hiding from the world."


2 thoughts on “The Dolphin Man comes to an end

  1. Don´t read this! – and that is from a person who is so afraid of spoilers LOL
    Tonight, I am too tired to read the ending of anything anyway, but perhaps after a good night´s sleep …
    My holidays began today, and usually that is like getting a new life – at least for a few weeks.

  2. Lucky you to be beginning a holiday, Dorte – have a lovely time. We still have some time to go here before ours, as the schools don’t finish in the UK until the end of July.

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