What happened this weekend

I had no idea that the Fighting Nuns of Harrogate, led by the terrifying Sister Mary Agnes, had not only pursued Meg Gardiner to this year's CrimeFest (thank heavens I was quietly reading in my room and missed being attacked by a flying cocktail), but are planning a raid on London, necessitating Meg to join forces with Jeff Abbott. The gang met this weekend, planning their strategy for squashed-strawberry chucking (yes, it's Wimbeldon next week) and seeing off the Rottweillers by knitting them little pink bootees, causing them to slink away in embarrassment. "Sock" it to them, Meg and Jeff! It is anyone's guess what havoc Sister Mary Agnes will wreak when she discovers that Jo Beckett has been optioned for TV and that The Memory Collector was at number 3 on the teen bestselling charts on Amazon earlier this week. Whatever she does, I am sure it will be scary.

David Montgomery reviews Michael Connelly's The Scarecrow in the Chicago Sun-Times, headline; "Novel rips sad state of US journalism". His review starts: "There's something so comforting about knowing you're in the hands of a master when you pick up a new book. Certain writers are just so good, so dependable that you know when you buy their latest novel, you're in for a treat. George Pelecanos is one of those authors, as are Joseph Finder, Laura Lippman and Robert Ferrigno. But Michael Connelly is perhaps the best example.
Through 21 novels, Connelly has produced one of the most impressive bodies of work in crime fiction, both an in-depth study of the darker side of human nature and an ongoing biography of the city of Los Angeles, told through the guise of sharply plotted, endlessly entertaining mystery novels." I couldn't agree more. [Taking a raincheck on the other examples, as I haven't read many (or in one case, any) books by these authors.]

At Nature we call them research highlights, at DJ's Krimiblog they are called just "highlights" – for a novel in six parts. The first half is here. Can't wait for the second.

There's a superb post here by Kerrie, who has listed 17 crime-fiction awards and the 100-or so books that have been nominated for their current rounds, together with links to the titles she has read and reviewed. I've read 22 of the books on the list - about one-quarter.  


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  1. I have read only 11 but I put that down to time spent watching the British Lions rugby tour of SA on TV, and watering the allotment. ;o)

  2. Oh, how kind of you to link to my Highlights. One might even say a lot of research has gone into the ´novel´ – ten weeks´ study of the mysterious underworld of our writing course, and some of the shadier characters. It has been fascinating, and it all ends tomorrow. Comments are still ticking in, and everybody is saying their sad goodbuys. I think I have done fairly well, but it is important to keep in mind that I am competing with people who have not been published either. I know that I have achieved one thing, however: I have begun speaking and writing more openly about my writing ambitions.

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