Blue light for Dead Tomorrow

Peter-james-police-car-PJ-driving Via The Times today (brief, print edition, 5 June) Peter James has donated a patrol car to Sussex police that is "branded" to promote his new book, Dead Tomorrow. The author is said to have donated the car in gratitude for the force's help in ensuring that the police work he describes in his novels is accurate. Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett said "The car is not used to respond to emergency calls but is solely for use in the local community." I can see that screeching up to an accident with "Dead Tomorrow" all over your vehicle might not seem the height of tact. (Photo from Peter James's blog  from last year – I am unsure if the Times is a year out of date or if the donation reported today is new.)

There's lots more publicity for the UK release of the Dead Tomorrow scheduled for next week. There will be interviews with the author on Radio 5 live (Simon Mayo), Radio 4, Radio 2 (Claudia Winkelman's arts show) and the Sunday Express. Dead Tomorrow is being serialised in the Brighton Argus and will be Tesco's book of the week, W. H. Smith's deal of the week, Asda's author of the week and Sainsbury's offer of the week. There will also be a poster campaign on London Underground and elsewhere, including a short code to text in order to receive a call from Superintendent Roy Grace (via the Bookseller, brief, 5 June print edition).

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My review of the book, which is a jolly good thriller, is submitted to Euro Crime.


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