Overheard on a train from Lords of the Blog

From Lord Norton at Lords of the Blog:

Travelling back to Hull on the train last night, I was sat opposite a businessman who was using his mobile ‘phone.  He was speaking loudly.   I was sufficiently engrossed in my work not to pay much attention to what he was saying.  However, at one point I did hear:
“No, no, don’t call it a bonus.  Call it a temporary supplement".


3 thoughts on “Overheard on a train from Lords of the Blog

  1. Who knew that some of our not-so-highly esteemed American executives were traveling over there! One would have thought that the enlightened and over-active American politicians now in Washington had a better handle on what the unscrupulous fellows were up to and would not have allowed them out of the country where they are obviously spending strings-attached stimulus money by going on lavish journeys by rail whilst their private jet sit idle at American airports.

  2. I have it on good authority that it is more expensive to travel from London to Edinburgh by train than by air. Don’t tell the climate police.

  3. I have a Young Person’s railcard (I’m over-age but a student), and if I book Edinburgh-London in advance the train’s usually cheaper, but prices vary wildly. I generally prefer the train because a) travelling by air is something of a hassle these days, and b) it’s a lot more convenient arriving at Kings Cross than Luton. (I’m usually in London to use the British Library.) However, on full adult rates, budget airlines will usually cost less than the train. (BA usually more, but there’s a lot to be said for comfort and speed…I flew in and out of Heathrow Thur/Fri for an interview at Oxford, and it was much smoother than either the East Coast main line or Easyjet. Helps that I wasn’t paying, of course!)
    I’m going to Dublin for a conference in June, and was just explaining to my appalled father that it’s substantially cheaper to fly than to get the ferry. (I love travelling by water.) Such is life. I offset my flights, but I’m sure the carbon police will knock on my door one of these days.

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