Ercument Buyuksumnulu

This is my new name. Not seriously, I could not possibly remember it. At work I am testing a new system out, which automatically generates "pretend" users for the purposes of testing. Ercument Buyuksumnulu is the name the system has given me. It's growing on me…. And look what happens when I do a Google search for my new name. I have a LinkedIn account, a profile at and, and can query the RIPE database, whatever that is. What do I look like? This, according to Google image search:EB


3 thoughts on “Ercument Buyuksumnulu

  1. Better you than me with respect to the first name. Some acquaintances of mine, I fear, would be tempted to see something approximating a scatological pun embedded in the first name, but they would then be projecting something of their own less than savory mindset into the name. With respect to the second name, it sounds suspiciously like a name typical of those potentates, barristers, and pan-handlers who regularly send emails from some Ivory Coast country in which they promise me a fortune if I simply give them some information or a small donation to get the ball rolling.
    Well, at any rate, thank you for sharing the name, which is worth more than a few smiles. Good luck with it.

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