While I was gone

During my recent absence at CrimeFest, the world continued spinning round its greasy pole. I learned that nearly 90,000 in-copyright books will be available in the UK in the next week or two via the Espresso (print on demand) machine, as Hachette USA, Simon&Schuster, McGraw-Hill and either other publishers have signed up to the service. Previously, 400,000 self-published or out-of-copyright titles were available. Phil Jamieson of Blackwell's, said earlier this week: "We have had great support from publishers, especially since they were able to see the EBM in action at the London Book Fair, with several having signed up to provide content and many more contacting us to find out the process for signing up." Blackwells is hoping to have more than a million books available to customers in UK bookshops by the summer, and eventually hopes to make all books available via the machine.

Also via the Bookseller, you can win a Sony E-reader and some tickets to this year's Hay festival if you sign up to the Bookseller's (free) e-alerts by tomorrow, 18 May. You can also follow the Bookseller via their new Twitter account, should you be so inclined.

The latest newsletter from Stop You're Killing Me is just out, with news of the recent Agatha award winners for this year, Macavity nominees and listings of May hardcover, paperback, audio and large print releases in the USA. The SYKM newsletter is published twice a month, alternate editions featuring current and future book and audio releases; and  new authors and characters added to the website over the past month.

Rebecca Cantrell, author of the Hannah Vogel mystery series set in 1930s Berlin (so far A Trace of Smoke and A Night of Long Knives) will be at Janet Rudolph's home for a literary salon on Wednesday May 20 in  Berkeley, California, if you are lucky enough to be in the vicinity.

And via Dave Lull and Bitter Lemon Press, Hans Werner Kettenbach won the Glauser award (Germany's most prestigious crime writing prize) for lifetime literary achievement. Black Ice was his first novel published in English and Bitter Lemon Press is also bringing out his second, David's Revenge, this May in the UK and in October in the US.


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