Competition: two prizes! (to be determined)

As I am about to disappear for a few days from all professional and personal internet venues (and although I speak as a fan of the internet, I am jolly pleased about it), I thought I would have a little competition in case anyone stops by during my absence.

So, please refer to my previous post, Tweetfic for Crimetwitterers. You'll find three well-known crime-fiction books summarised in fewer than 140 words each. Name those books.

Also, have a go yourself. Summarize a crime-fiction book (not an obscure one, please), Twitter-style, in 140 words or fewer.

A prize will be dispatched to (1) the first person to identify the three books correctly in the comments field here or to the previous post; and (2) the best (in my judgement) Crimetwitter.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS I just have to draw your attention to this brilliant resource by Euro Crime blog – all the authors attending Crime Fest and (where possible) a link to their bibliographies.


3 thoughts on “Competition: two prizes! (to be determined)

  1. This is fun! (And apologies in advance for the bad poetry…) This one’s from the Golden Age:
    What to do as a private eye, when with your suspects you must mingle? Go undercover and write a jingle, then drive home the solution with one more single.
    And a bonus Nordic nursery rhyme. (it’s twitter-able for length, but I don’t think the formatting would work.)
    The detective had a major case,
    and only a tattoo on which to go.
    Yet everywhere that Irene went,
    more bodies were sure to show.
    The killer followed her to Denmark
    and back to Swedish climes.
    But could a sumo wrestler
    make him answer for his crimes?

    Perhaps my younger sister’s been right all these years and I really have lost the plot…

  2. Ooops! It seems it’s 140 characters, not words. (I don’t use Twitter myself.) Will have to try again…

  3. Thanks, Lauren. I get the book from your lilting clues, but let’s see the 140 character version – I’m intrigued!

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