Have I finally found something useful on Twitter?

I should add to the title of this post "that I hadn't already found out simultaneously or soon before/after from somewhere else"? When Twitter opened up its search function last week, Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise set up a #crimefiction tag, which I duly entered into my RSS subscriptions. Until today, the only items picked up by the RSS reader are items written by Kerrie (even though I have been applying the #crimefiction keyword to relevant Petrona posts, these aren't showing up, so I must be doing something wrong).

Yesterday, however, I found a Twitter entry in my RSS: "Welcome to @crimefiction, the Scandinavian crime fiction portal!" The profile states that it is a "user-friendly and extensive Scandinavian Crime Fiction portal. Up-to-date and relevant information on books, audio books and e-books." I have clicked on "follow" and discover that the Twitter "personage" is in fact a website called Scandinavian Crime Fiction: your foray into Northern deviance. I quote: "a user-friendly portal for everyone interested in crime fiction. If you are looking for up-to-date and relevant information on crime fiction writers from Scandinavia, you will find it here. You have read Henning Mankell, heard about Karin Fossum, and seen Stieg Larsson’s name on top of best-seller lists. But you want to know more. This is your website. If you want recommendations, you will find your next book, e-book and audio book here! Editions and publication dates vary by country. This is the US homepage for Scandinavian Crime Fiction. Click on the flag to the left to get updated information for the UK. " The whole enterprise seems to be a subset of NextRead books. [Correction: no it isn't connected to NextRead – see comments to this post.]

The Scandinavian Crime Fiction website is quite preliminary still (the Facebook and "blog group" links are to placeholders), but it looks to be a useful addition to existing resources such as Euro Crime (Karen Meek), Scandinavian Crime Fiction (Barbara Fister), the Friend Feed crime and mystery fiction group, and the Scandinavian Crime Fiction group that already exists on Facebook – not to mention the excellent blogs that discuss Scandinavian and other crime fiction, as listed in the blogroll here.


5 thoughts on “Have I finally found something useful on Twitter?

  1. I read the BBC producer’s comment about Sweden being a blank canvas and it has inspired me to try and dig out from our under the stairs cupboard my photos from nearly 20 years ago. Don’t hold your breath though as it is a jungle in there.

  2. Jungle in Sweden or your cupboard, Norman? Both, probably.
    After writing this post I checked my email and found that “@crimefiction” had already begun “following” me, at a time dated before the RSS post. So in fact I did not only find out about this website from Twitter, but by email also. Thus proving my point?

  3. Scandinavian Crime Fiction is nothing to do with me! 😀 Though I did welcome them to Twitter.
    I’m looking forward to see what delights they come up with.

  4. Hello Gav – sorry for my total confusion in all matters twitter….And hello mysterious “scandinavian crime fiction” – looking forward to reading more on your website – and blog when you get it going. I hope you will join our friend feed group, where you’ll find some very good blogs and blog posts discussing Scand crime fiction (and other crime fic).

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