The black posts of Mordor

Fantastic post, complete with video, from Brian Sibley: "While we all wait with (relatively) bated breath for the Peter Jackson-Guillermo del Toro two-part film based on The Hobbit, those fiendish fans of Middle-earth have stolen a march on the professionals by producing The Hunt for Gollum. This 40-minute film based on J R R Tolkien's appendices to The Lord of the Rings fills in some of the untold events that befell between the end of The Hobbit(with Mr Bilbo Baggins having unwittingly carried off the One Ring from its then 'owner', Gollum) and the beginning of the saga of the War of the Ring as recounted in The Fellowship of the Ring." Read more at Brian's post. And why, indeed, was he not asked to write the "Making of…" book? A sad omission.

Norman Price has written a marvellous post at his blog Crime Scraps, entitled "Blind Following". Every so often, one comes across a post in the cacophony of the blogosphere that really stands out as true. This post is it. "One has to fight an idea with an idea. I cannot stand an authority that expects blind following, blind loyalty. I cannot stand it. I have rejected everything in my life that requires such blindness from me."

These posts concern dark matters, and how to face them. But could anyone experience Mordor and survive?  'Annie Mole' writes a post Northern Line via Google Street View: "If you've ever wondered what an entire journey on the Northern Line [that's the black one] looks like from street level, wonder no more as Ian Buchan has put together a short video. Using Google Street View he charts a trip from Mord[en]or to Edgware (via Charing Cross) taking in every London Underground Station." I suspect that even Frodo might balk at this prospect.