The art of Penguin science fiction

2229_J_G_BALLARD_The_Drowned_World_1965 1308_JOHN_WYNDHAM_The_Chrysalids_1964 2244_FRED_and_GEOFFREY_HOYLE_Fifth_Planet_1965 0972_GEORGE_ORWELL_Nineteen_Eighty_Four_1969 2596_CLIFFORD_D_SIMAK_Time_and_Again_1967

How lovely to discover The Art of Penguin Science Fiction (via Likely Stories), for me a trip down memory lane as many of the covers of the books are the very editions I read in my long-gone SF-devouring days. As one might guess, the website explores the history and cover art of science fiction published by Penguin Books from 1935-1977. Further explanation of the project is here; a table of contents of 20 articles (well, 19 and an entr'acte) is here. I'm unlikely to read SF again, but those covers are so nostalgic! Click on each one for a short review of the book itself.


2 thoughts on “The art of Penguin science fiction

  1. Some of the covers made me think of the books chained to the bunk bed frames, in Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s art installation “TH.2058”, at the Tate Modern. I think there were multiple copies of The Drowned World and of War of the Worlds, perhaps Fahrenheit 451 as well. Not sure whether TH.2058 is still up at the Tate Modern, though … it was in the large gallery, after the Turbine Room.

  2. Nostalgia, I too went through a science fiction reading phase Ursula le Guin, Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov and many others. Nightfall is one of the most brilliant short stories ever written and I have no room in the house to go back to reading science fiction as well.

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