Books reviewed in the past month or so

Several of my book reviews have appeared on Euro Crime over the past few weeks without comment here – I'm not sure why. Without further ado, then, are the links with a rating (one to five stars) and one-sentence summaries of my Euro Crime reviews since 22 March:

*****Missing, by Karin Alvtegen : a tensely exciting book about a fugitive, with an extremely sympathetic and capable main character and a plot that demands reading at one sitting.

**Out of a Clear Sky, by Sally Hinchcliffe :  stronger on atmosphere and birds than plot, nonetheless an unusual first novel about the lasting effects of family dysfunction.

***Bleed a River Deep, by Brian McGilloway  Ben Devlin's third outing in the borderlands of Ireland, in a busy plot featuring gold prospecting, archaeology, bank robbery, people-trafficking and terrorism.

**Lullaby, by Claire Seeber : tense, easy-reading thriller about a missing baby and a desperate mother who nobody seems to take seriously.

****After the Fire, by Karen Campbell : ambitious, serious novel about a police marksman, his crime, punishment and effects on his family.

***Skin, by Mo Hayder: decomposing bodies and creepy characters feature in a novel that's slow to start but takes off towards the end.

***Half-Broken Things, by Morag Joss: ageing, rejected spinster creates substitute family in a story worthy of comparison with Ruth Rendell.

During the same period, I reviewed the following books here, at Petrona:

****A Darker Domain, by Val McDermid: the UK miners' strike in the 1980s and a kidnapping-gone-wrong are the planks of this exciting stand-alone novel with an engaging female police investigator. 

****Executive Privilege by Philip Margolin: multi-stranded political thriller with a searing pace, all put together in a masterful way.

****Shooting Star, by Peter Temple: classic tale of rich heiress's kidnapping slips down a treat, but packs a bleak punch.

Not a bad tally: one 5-star, four 4-stars, three 3-stars, and two 2-stars.

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