Suffer the Children by Adam Creed

"All the pace of Connelly and McDermid. All the grit of Rankin and The Wire." No base left uncovered in the advertising campaign for Adam Creed's debut novel Suffer the Children. We can expect to see "major TV crime series sponsorship" (whatever that means), ads "direct to crime fans on social networks" (is that us?), lots of poster advertising, crime festival events and media interviews, apparently. Faber, the publisher, is really pushing this book, whose author has a degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford and has worked in the City of London,  before seeing the light and writing a crime fiction book. The paperback is out in November and you can apply for a reading copy by email to

Suffer the Children, the first in a proposed series, introduces DI Will Wagstaffe, who has a complicated love life and a rather nasty case of murder to investigate. "Staffe's" boss and the newspapers are "gunning for him" and the boundaries between right and wrong have been blurred. "Just how far would you go to protect your children?" Willing Flesh, the second in the series, is out in May 2010.


7 thoughts on “Suffer the Children by Adam Creed

  1. I hope you enjoyed your break Maxine and pleased you are back. This super hype usually puts me off a book but I might try and win it from Karen.;o)

  2. Norm,
    I wouldn’t say this is super hype, just standard for a proof copy. The back of mine says:
    “Massive marketing, publicity and promotional campaign to launch this gripping new crime series, including:
    outdoor poster and national press advertising; targeting fans of crime books and TV series, based on extensive market research; festivals and author tour.”
    The synopsis makes me think of the novels of David Lawrence.
    And yes, I agree with Norm: good to see you back Maxine!

  3. Thanks for all your wishes, I feel so welcomed! I have to confess this was a bit of a hasty, “getting back into the swing of it” post – I am not sure if the book is really going to be that great. Good to know you have a proof copy, CFR, so we can benefit from reading your review! (My info came from the front and inside front cover of the Bookseller.) Strange with all this internet marketing promise that the author does not seem to have a website….or blog 😉

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