Survey at It’s a Crime; competition at Euro Crime

Do you blog about books?, asks crimefictionreader (CFR) of the excellent blog It's a Crime (or a mystery…). If so, and your blogging does not have to be about crime fiction, please complete CFR's survey, which forms part of her research for her article "that will hopefully lead to a better understanding of the book blogging world and promote more dialogue between publishers and bloggers".

One of the reviews recently featured at It's a Crime is of The Black Monastery by Stav Sherez. Reading this review made me want to read the book, and also, as is so often the case when I read blogs, made me thankful that I've discovered this medium, in which one can be led down so many diverting, and interactive, tracks. As it happens, the same book is the prize in this month's competition at Euro Crime, so if you feel tempted by the review, you can always take a shot at answering Karen's fiendish question and even more torturous tie-breaker. You have until 30 April.

This blog will be taking a rest for a few days: posting should resume next week. A happy Easter to all.


One thought on “Survey at It’s a Crime; competition at Euro Crime

  1. Many thanks for the links, Maxine.
    I am counting the minutes until the next edition of The Apprentice, which always seems to make me laugh, and while doing so will check the survey stats again.

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