Candid Engineer’s Scientiae carnival

"Tell us about that most firey fire through which you have had to walk in your scientific career. How did you overcome the challenge? Did you have help along the way, or was it a solo effort? And what did you learn? Why are you a better scientist given the difficulties that you have encountered?" These are the questions asked in this month's Scientiae carnival hosted by the Candid Engineer, who reports an "overwhelming response of varied tales of challenge and triumph".

Curious Computer, for example writes about how she's come to realise she is scared of writing, so is going to write two blog posts a week (on a blog she created for the purpose) until she's submitted her PhD. There is also some interesting material at her blog about overcoming a fear of needles and what growing up with boys taught her about bravado vs confidence.

Microbiologist writes about clinging on to feelings of being miserable and how hard it is to recognize and change one's behaviour; The Happy Scientist features a post on the toughest part of grad school; and Miss Outlier writes about what it is like to stop working independently and to have to work with other people, some of whom are stupid, and many of whom, stupid or not, indulge in politics.

I very much enjoyed reading the posts in this carnival, experiencing the energy and drive of the writers, even though it isn't always easy for them, or anyone.

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