Mouse or hippo?

Sometimes, I just have to smile.


Nature 458, 263 (2009). doi:10.1038/458263e

The Research Highlight 'Pogo-stick pictures' (Nature 458, 11; 2009) described the subject of the accompanying image as a mouse cochlear hair cell. It is in fact a hippocampal neuron.


[PS don't ask me to correct this post title. It is a joke, possibly not a very good one, but a joke.]

5 thoughts on “Mouse or hippo?

  1. For one dreadful moment I had visions flash before my eyes of the path of the hyopglossal nerve and the trigeminal and the mandibular………..

  2. “To read this story in full you will need to login or make a payment (see right).”
    US$32 to read a single article seems quite a lot. [More and more you can read via medline relevant articles online for free. What an achievement if there is no library in your vicinity – usually, if you work thoroughly, you even need more than one paper.]

  3. I like the title but thought it might be a new Swedish mystery, Mus eller flodhäst.

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