Clare Dudman on what we do and don’t need

A couple of weeks ago, the Keeper of the Snails, Clare Dudman, posted two lists – do needs and don't needs. Her post was inspired by the question of why we are continuing to produce cars that nobody wants. Clare is very sensible, so her do needs are things like clean water, sanitation, comfortable clothing, 4 TV channels and so on; and her don't needs are things like celebrities, fashion, more than 4 TV channels, politicians, etc.

There is a lot of discussion in the comments to Clare's post about what we do and don't need, which I recommend perusing. Globalisation seems to be high on most people's lists of don't needs, with local produce, etc, highly prized. Here is my contribution:

Don't need:

* Banks
* "Customer service" departments of companies, especially when "outsourced", and even more especially when outsourced to other countries where operators do not understand the product or the language.
* Oversimplistic and petulant demands, opinions and expectations by people on internet forums
* Adverts in TV programmes
* Junk food
* Salt in ready meals and other prepared foodstuffs
* Free newspapers and especially when left to litter train compartments

Do need:
* Integrated train network system
* Decent underground station at Kings Cross that can cope with the number of (attempted) passengers
* The ability to walk down and cross York Way without risking life, limb, lungs.
* More individual choice in shops and fewer chain stores selling the same thing as each other
* Actual people answering the phone (in organisations).

And another do need – more English-subtitled films of (other) European language crime fiction.