I like fish, squirrels, octopus and the Dartmoor 12

It's been an educational day. Fish that bounce along the ocean floor, fish with transparent heads and the details of their sex lives (the video, if you can face it, is here) are revealed via Clare Dudman's Twitter feed. Well, I suppose eventually I was bound to come across an undeniable reason for Twitter's usefulness. This has to be it. I also learned, but was sworn to secrecy about the details, that the way to get fantastic web traffic is to write about squirrels or octopus – or at the very least, include at least one of those words in the title to your articles.

Clare would appreciate, as I do, A. L. Kennedy's inaugural blog post of a series at The Guardian, in which the origins of the recession are coupled with the death of Britain's National Net Book Agreement and a unisex Richard III is not required on voyage (unlike sex-mad fish). Yes it is pointless telling writers not to write and it is in fact pointless telling anyone out of the education system anything in an online context. Blatant lies are stated with impunity, are pointed out, and are "shape-shifted" (a recent rather useful blogging term I learned) into something else to justify an erroneous position. Thank you Jenny D for the link.

"The, mystery readers' bloggende Bernd Kochanowski has responded to the blog of the criminal also enthusiastic Uriah Robinson a head Proviant list discovered. Robinson has over twelve books, to a hitherto Krimiunerfahrenen, which incidentally in a hut on Dartmoor eingeschneit sits, the diversity of the genre could explain. The isolation scenario is no mere gimmick. The books should eingeschneiten thriller novices so spellbound suggest that he is not the whole time with the empty cell phone battery at odds. And they should be in a row can be read without fatigue, and hunger to provoke change." If you want to know what all that is about, see The Dartmoor Dozen. Way to go, Robinson.

5 thoughts on “I like fish, squirrels, octopus and the Dartmoor 12

  1. Ha, just come A.L. Kennedy’s Post now! Yes, love it – it’s like telling a blogger not to blog, or a fish not to swim, or a squirrel not to eat nuts or an octopus not to erm maybe wave his tentacles around (can you tell I’m struggling here?) or, yes, I know, change colour – well some of them do, I think.
    Yes, twitter is great. So great in fact I had to switch it off today to get some work done. Thanks for the mention, Maxine.

  2. I wonder if I can shape shift some of my weight off. But many thanks for the link Maxine.
    My German traffic has increased a lot today with 15% of my last 100 hits coming from there. I am getting the terminology correct I hope. ;o)

  3. This new commenting system of typepad seems to come and go and do all kinds of strange things, Clare. I often have this trouble when trying to post my pathetic Set scores at the deblog, and so give up (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).
    Good terminology, Norman. Which reminds me, I must go and check my traffic for this post, now, to see if my theory works šŸ˜‰

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