Publishing, perishing and typography

I thought I'd mention a few of the blog posts I've read and posted into the FriendFeed book room recently.

The Science Project reports that the Department of Typography at Reading University has become involved in an initiative called Material Text. The aim is to promote interdisciplinary work in 'publishing and the book trade; the history of the book, printing and typography; and the study of the social and communicative functions of texts, whether written, printed, illustrated, performed or mediated'. For my part, I just love the idea of a department of typography and wonder if you can do a degree in it? (Though I will not say that to friends currently struggling with open source fonts.)

A pre-apocalyptic book club discussing post-apocalyptic books? Yes, that's right. They are along the right lines in that they have a video of Viggo, though I have only looked at the screen shot, as I don't watch internet videos, and for Viggo, as ever, I prefer to wait for the film. It's all on BookList Online, if you want to check it out. Apparently, the thing not to do in your book club is to call it "post apoc".

You can also discover a website for trapped authors. Unfortunately, not as fun as it at first may seem – a group of children's authors have created a website to promote their books, in which the authors seem to have been captured by monsters and are being forced to provide copy for the website. Bizarre, and somewhat forced. Perhaps BookBrunch's The End of Newsprint is a better read (though it does have the air of "part 94" about it).