Sunday Salon: A Place of Safety and Bloodprint

TSSbadge3 I have two book reviews to share with you today. The first is Bloodprint by Kitty Sewell. The author is certainly geographically adventurous, having moved from the icy wastes of Canada and wet Wales from her first book, Ice Trap, to the heat of Florida (by way of Cuba) and Bristol in western England for her second. I enjoyed the book, but felt that too many different types of melodrama were involved, verging onto cliche in some instances. But it is certainly a rich read, with two strongly depicted women as main characters, lots of romance, passion, magic and inter-relationship skullduggery, all tied up in an art and psychotherapy theme. My full review is at Euro Crime.

The second book I've reviewed in the past week is A Place of Safety by Helen Black. Covering serious topics of racism, people trafficking, prejudice and the fate of children who run away from home and have to sleep rough, the book is very readable, largely due to the attractive and funny lawyer-heroine Lilly Valentine. From my review: "The author tries to make the reader question our cosy social assumptions, tackling racism, poverty and snobbery from all points of view. Overall, I was impressed by the author's commitment and her ability to tell a good story while maintaining a clear moral voice." Read the rest at Euro Crime.