A route to reading


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5 thoughts on “A route to reading

  1. I’m a bit under the weather at the moment so could not run to a real post. This picture is a take-off of the “athiest” bus which was spotted in various UK towns recently, bearing the slogan “There’s probably no God”. (It annoyed a lot of people.) Someone has created a website where you can generate your own slogan on the bus, so please visit if you’d like to make yours! http://ruletheweb.co.uk/b3ta/bus/ (The suggestion is “There’s probably no cod. Now stop complaining and eat your sardines.” But think mine is better!

  2. Well, your unreal post is good entertainment.
    I tried the bus myself, but I probably miss some fancy gear in my brand-new laptop because I could not do it.
    I tried this one:
    “There is probably no Darwin.
    Eat your banana and stop daydreaming, you silly ape.”

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