Ten things to get over you

We've all heard of PostSecret (a rather spooky blog that I find too creepy to visit), but via Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. I learn of Some of the Things I Have Done to Get Over You, a "blog cum theatre project". The blogger is in London, UK, and has this to say: "Some of the things… is a project gathering first-person testimony for a theatre installation. Do write to us about some of the things you have done to get over someone. We post a selection of contributions on the blog. Click on “profile" to find our email address. Your name and address will remain confidential."

Frank writes that he is not sure he has ever got over anyone, but that the evidence is overwhelming that they have managed to get over him. I find that hard to believe, but actually, now he comes to write that, I feel similarly. (Funny what can crystallise about your inner thoughts when you read a blog post that speaks to you.)

Anyway, as the wholly admirable Lynne Scanlon (whose blog I highly recommend) says in the comments to Frank's post, "WOW. Pretty rough stuff. Such howls of pain, join the chorus. I've just sent the link around to a few friends (male and female) to see if they'd like to contribute. Hey, it might be cathartic!"

Some examples:

"I stared at strangers on the tube and tried to guess whether they were happy or unhappy in love. It was hard to tell. I still wonder whether you know I used to love you."

"I sent you long long emails that I thought were sensible and calm but were filled with pain and anger. You never replied to those. I'm not surprised. What would you have said?"

"I sat in a launderette and wept until my socks were dry."

"I started to run, and have now completed a number of half marathons."

"I did the London Knowledge. It took three years and two months. You have to cram your head full of street names and routes. There wasn't room to remember the colour of her eyes or how it felt when she kissed me."

"I lived in my dressing gown for a week. The old lady next door took pity on me and brought me groceries."

2 thoughts on “Ten things to get over you

  1. I have never really had to get over anyone, but I remember a quotation from a Danish text I read in school at the age of 17 or so, and for some reason it has stuck.
    “If you are going to leave me, can´t you just take me with you?”
    I have always thought that it was both hilarious and really sad.

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