Crime fiction for all tastes

I haven't posted many "round ups" of links here recently because I am mildly addicted to Friend Feed, so I post links there – in the crime and mystery fiction room if they are about my current kind of reading; in the book room if they are more general; in the science online room if they are about communication of science; at OWL if they arrive by OWL post; in the life scientists' room if they have a biological aspect, and to "my feed" if they are particularly pithy posts about the awful banks or other shifting interests. All these rooms are open to anyone to join by clicking on the links in this post, and you can subscribe to my Friend Feed if you want to find out more. (Is Friend Feed the grown-up Twitter?)

However, I've read a couple of blog posts recently that might be of more general interest than just us Friend Feed specialists, so here are some links.

Dorte of DJS Krimblog writes about the first adult crime novel she read: Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L Sayers. "One of the things I remember about "Clouds of Witness" is that I thought Wimsey and Parker were ´old men´, or at least middle-aged, so I was amazed when they had solved the mystery and celebrated by getting drunk. I thought that was out of character." Can you remember the first adult crime novel you read? (Or just the first adult novel?)

Norman of Crime Scraps has modified the categories in the Dartmoor Dozen in a superb post. This post is a beautifully clear and loving description of the crime-fiction universe; I especially love the wild card. I encourage you to read the post and undertake the challenge. I plan to do so, not least because it will give me the chance to choose 12 more books!

The ultimate Carnival of the Criminal Minds is here, with links to all the excellent and informative posts in the series. Please visit if you want to know why a range of people think crime fiction is fab. Great thanks are due to Barbara Fister for dreaming this one up and organising it. These things take a lot of work, so well done to her.

And Karen at Euro Crime brings us a preview of the latest buzz book – The Reunion by Simone van der Vlugt, translated by Michele Hutchison – which is due to be published in the UK in March. Five lucky Euro Crime readers can win a copy of the book in the site's current competition – so do check it out. (I've entered!)

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  1. I was so impressed by that post, Norman. You have excelled yourself, and that’s saying something. Such clarity among a torturous definitional landscape!

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