Spread the word for Bad Traffic

Here is a nice message from Natania of Sort Of books:

"First of all THANK YOU for helping to vote Simon Lewis’ brilliant novel BAD TRAFFIC onto the shortlist of the Spread the Word, Books to Talk About promotion. His was the only crime book to get through. It would make a huge difference if he won it…especially if helped through by the crime writers and readers community (what IS the collective known? Cell, maybe? Or mob? Or list of suspects?). All your readers need to do is register and then vote  via the website. Also, if they post a comment on that website and send it to me at nat [at] sortof.co.uk along with their home address they could win a free book (available for the first 10 entries)." You have until 27 February to vote.

Bad Traffic, by Simon Lewis, is an edgy, racy and highly recommended read.

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