Sunday Salon: The Herring Seller at Euro Crime

TSSbadge3 This week, or thereabouts, is the UK paperback debut of The Herring Seller's Apprentice, by L. C. Tyler. I was given the hardback edition as a gift some while ago, by my esteemed colleague James Long. I also had the honour of meeting the extremely pleasant, friendly, frighteningly well-educated and intelligent, multi-talented author, "Len", at CrimeFest last year, and enjoy his occasional posts on the Macmillan New Writers' blog. Unfortunately, I did not make the time until recently to read the book itself. Now I have, and I am very glad indeed to have done so. My review is up today at Herring Euro Crime: please read it, and then, the book. It is a very short novel with a striking cover, and you will not regret spending time in its funny, perceptive and bitter-sweet world. From my review:

"THE HERRING SELLER'S APPRENTICE is a wonderful book. It is one of those books that transcends the genre of crime fiction and speaks to all readers. I was completely absorbed in it, totally enjoying my sojourn in its multilayered, trippingly written, disciplined, and astutely observed world. Bravissimo!" Read on here. And thank you, James!

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Times of terror, things of darkness

I know that this pairing is not as good as recent offerings, but  was struck by the similarity of the covers of Time of Terror, Seth Hunter's latest Nathan Peake novel of the British navy in the times of the French revolution, and This Thing of Darkness, Harry Thomspon's novel of Captain Fitzroy and the voyage of the Beagle:

Hunter  Thing darkness