Burial and The Trophy Taker

I've read several novels recently by writers new to me – including, at the moment, The Coroner by M. R. Hall, which is shaping up very nicely indeed. My reviews of two of the books I've completed were posted on Euro Crime this week.

Of the pair, I enjoyed Burial by Neil Cross very much, as I predicted to myself after reading reviews by Kim of Reading Matters, who said "a good, thoroughly believable crime thriller doesn't come much better than this",  and Crime Fiction Reader of It's a Crime! who found it "a bit like coming face to face with a twister in a novel".

After reading it, I felt that "BURIAL is one of those books that will make you miss your stop on the train. I predict that it will be a hit (2009's equivalent to 2008's NO TIME FOR GOODBYE by Linwood Barclay, perhaps), and will probably end up on a screen near you soon enough." Read the rest of my Euro Crime review here.

My second review is of a debut novel, The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks, a.k.a. "The female James Patterson", according to the blurb. The author spoke in an articulate and moving way at Crime Fest last year about her experiences in the Hong Kong hostess industry, and her life-story (or what she told of it) made me intrigued by the prospect of her book. In fact, I found the novel something of a pastiche of various true-crime stories and similar books, but even so it is very fast and easy to read, and if James Patterson is to your taste, you will probably like it. My Euro Crime review is here.