The hieroglyphic streets

I can't understand why, but the other day a blog popped into my Google search called The Hieroglyphic Streets - or to be more accurate, a particular post on that blog called Dublin Noir, which is a part-review of, part link-round-up about, the book Christine Falls by Benjamin Black. The link-round-up in the post is actually fantastic, a quite wonderful collection of articles about the book (which I still haven't read, so I have only skimmed some of the articles). If you are like me, and enjoy reading lots of details about a book after you have read it, this is definitely a blog for you.

But more than that, The Hieroglyphic Streets is a rather wonderful blog all told I think. It recommends books for places — "fiction and non-fiction that explains or evokes a neighbourhood, city, or country." As well as the usual search and index, you can find books categorised by the region in which you are interested. Here, for example, is Sweden. Ystad to be precise. Therefore, of course, the book reviewed is by Henning Mankell, in this case Faceless Killers. There are nine books in the Italy category, including one from Sicily – yes, you have guessed it – Andrea Camilleri, The Shape of Water. Finnmark and Norway are represented by Vendela Vida's Let Northern Lights Erase Your Name.

Each post follows the same pattern of a beautiful image, a short review, and a cornucopia of links to various reviews and articles or podcasts about the selected books. A very beautiful blog, and one I am looking forward to following.


4 thoughts on “The hieroglyphic streets

  1. Thanks for highlighting this blog, Maxine. It’ll be going on my blogroll pronto. I very much enjoy reading books set in places I’ve visited and try to categorise most of my own reviews in this way. Funnily enough, I seem to have a penchant for fiction set in Ireland, Venice and New York, which just so happen to be three of my favourite places on earth!

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words. When I travel, I like to read books in/about (of?) the places I go, and when the idea for the blog popped into my head, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t run into it before. (There are a few other sites working from the same impetus, which I’ve tried to collect in the links in the sidebar.) I wish I had the time or inclination to write longer reviews, but if I did a proper job of it then the number of posts would fall off. Anyway, it’s nice to be noticed.

  3. Thanks so much for popping by, Mr or Ms H. I love your blog – I’ll check out the others you mention. What drew me to yours is that you cover some crime fiction, which I love reading, particularly books that convey a strong sense of place, as so many do, and are hence appropriate for your blog. A few of us have an online discussion here: You are welcome to join us for many “placeist” discussions – most recently, the Sicily of Camilleri, an author you have reviewed.
    One of my recent-ish experiences was (re-)reading Cannery Row while in and around Big Sur and Monterey. A wonderful experience!

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