Michael Walters on reading crime fiction

Michael Walters, author of the excellent Mongolian series of police-procedural thrillers, has a blog but in my opinion does not blog enough. He's been rectifying that recently, though, with some great posts on what he's been reading and associated thinking over the past year.

Part 1: on the financial crisis, reading habits and a bit about crime fiction.

Part 2: Child 44 (Tom Rob Smith);The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson) and more.

Part 3: The Fabric of Sin (Phil Rickman); Bruno, Chief of Police (Martin Walker); and the Bethlehem Murders (Matt Rees).

Part 4: A Cure for All Diseases (Reginald Hill); Savage Moon (Chris Simms); Nemesis (Jo Nesbo); Have Mercy on us All (Fred Vargas).

Michael's blog provides a nice balance between updates about his books, his writing and snippets of news from Mongolia. Apart from that, it has an engaging tone, and Michael is extremely generous about replying to people who comment. I think it is an unusually interesting author blog: many authors make the mistake of thinking they need to overtly promote their books on their blogs, which makes them not interesting. Michael provides some information about his books and the writing process, which gives readers a sense of the inside story, yet also he writes thoughtfully about wider issues – his reading, as well as various unusual eccentricities (if that word is acceptable) about Mongolia. However, he has not picked up on one particular Mongolian-related credit crunch fallout: Mrs Crime Scraps's upcoming holiday in a Yurt on Bodmin Moor, while Mr Crime Scraps and Master Crime Scraps take refuge in the pub!

The Outcast reviewed: Michael's latest book.

Michael Walters on Euro Crime.


2 thoughts on “Michael Walters on reading crime fiction

  1. How did it escape me that Michael has a blog? Anyway, I have now conducted a thorough inspection and you are quite right, of course, Maxine — it has special qualities, a most attractive voice. I have bookmarked it, so Michael now joins a precious few, nestled between you and Rhian. Thanks for mentioning it.

  2. Thanks for the plug and the kind words, Maxine (and Philip). One of my new year’s resolutions is to post more frequently (so be careful what you wish for…). As for the yurt on Bodmin Moor, well, yes, I think I’d be tempted to join Mr Crime Scraps in the pub. I’ve stayed in a ger (as they’re called in Mongolia) in the Gobi, but I suspect a rainy Bodmin might just be a step too far.

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