How to avoid the financial crisis

From today's Times, print edition, p 4 (brief):

"Girl Guides are to be given advice on money management to help them through the credit crunch and to prepare them for the modern world. Tips include avoiding store cards, fashion fads and relying on parents for handouts."

Even though my daughters are and were not in the Guides, I was sufficiently alarmed to check out the source of this information, which is this glossy leaflet. Thankfully from my perspective, the grammatical ambiguity in the Times piece turns out to be in the right direction (i.e. the girls are not being advised to indulge in fashion fads or parent-begging). However, I can't help thinking that my initial reaction to the Times piece, that one saves money by asking someone else (who actually has it) for it as opposed to spending your own, was probably more on the mark.

Apparently 'money management' was considered the most pressing issue in a poll of members of GirlGuiding UK. (Next was 'personal safety'.) I wonder how much was spent in conducting the poll, analysing the information and producing leaflets to provide these particular pearls of wisdom?