Persson and Lindell via Facebook

Although I have an account at Facebook I don't often go there, even though it might look as if I do, because blog posts here and items I write at FriendFeed (where I do spend a little time most days) automatically import into my profile. However, Karen Meek joined Facebook recently and immediately unearthed various crime-fiction-related people and goings-on there, one of which is the "Fans of Scandinavian crime novels" group. Although I dislike calling myself a "fan" of anything, I did join this group, which was set up by Glen Dersley.

One of our discussion threads there is of our favourite novel (not sure if Facebook URLs resolve correctly if you are not already a member and in the group at the link). And via that route I have learned of two novelists who sound very good but who do not yet seem to be translated into English. One is Leif G. W. Persson, and the other is Unni Lindell (both recommended by Risto Raitio).

Leif Persson, according to an automatically translated Wikipedia entry, has written eight novels and a long-running TV series in Sweden, as well as a couple of films. He is also a professional criminologist, appears regularly on TV, and has written books on cookery and hunting (maybe these last two topics are related!). Although he was born in Stockholm, Wikipedia refers to him as American; it is a fascinating biography (despite the auto-translation).

Unni Lindell is a Norwegian writer who was a journalist before her first book, The Green Day, was published in 1986. Since then she's written many books, including a series about a detective called Cato Isaksen (see this automatically translated Wikipedia page).

So, Facebook has been useful in introducing me to two authors of whom I hadn't previously heard, but whose books I can't read unless they are translated into English. (Or are they and Amazon doesn't list the translations?)

Here is the Fans of Scandinavian crime novels Facebook group (if the link works). All are welcome to join.