David Peace and Pulp.net

The new issue of Pulp.net is just out, with the usual stimulating collection of short fiction and reviews. This month, author David Peace provides his top-ten selection of reading material, including best music to write to (not exactly reading material), favourite opening line of a novel (not exactly modest), best never-heard of book, etc. If you are around in London on 12 January, a new initiative is the Pulp.net short-story cafe, "an hour of short stories a month in the comfort of a London coffee house" – the first venue being Costa Piccadilly, with stories by Helen Simpson, Chris Killen, Davy Spens and Stephen Moran. Further details at the link.

David Peace's first novel, 1974, was recently reviewed by Pat Austin at Euro Crime. This novel is the first of a quartet; the author writes about this series and how he came to write it at Crime Time. I read 1974 some years ago, and while I enjoyed it, it was too noir and bleak for me. But as I believe the books will be televised in 2009, and have recently been reprinted, I imagine there will be a lot of renewed interest in them. The author now lives in Tokyo, and is perhaps best known for the novel he wrote after the quartet, which is called Tokyo Year Zero.

2 thoughts on “David Peace and Pulp.net

  1. I’ve just bought “Tokyo Year Zero” so will look forward to reading it. I actually think the author is more famous for “The Damn United” — I’ve yet to meet a bloke who has not read it.

  2. Maybe you’re right, Kim – I had forgotten he’d written The Damn United. Though I do know a couple of blokes who haven’t read it 😉

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