Plan your reading in 2009

If you are of the list persuasion and have by now either written or almost written your selection of favourite books of 2008, perhaps it is about time to begin planning reading for 2009. Erin Miller has complied a calendar of the "hottest releases" for 2009 in the USA. The page will be updated throughout the year as publishers announce new titles, so it might be worth bookmarking. Erin notes that John Grisham, Janet Evanovitch and Richard North Patterson have books coming out in January; James Patterson and J. D. Robb are among those in February; and Harlan Coben has a new book out in March.

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  1. Thanks again, Clare. I’ve “shared” the link to our Friend Feed crime&mystery fiction room for others to see. With this new Typepad commenting system, it does the links automatically for you (unlike Nature Network or Blogger). But then, you pay for Typepad 😉

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