Buzzwords and films of 2008

Holiday season is a time for lists, of course. Here are a couple of non-book-related ones that caught my interest:

Buzzwords of 2008 (New York Times). "The lifespan of Hillary Clinton’s campaign “meta-narrative” could be charted entirely in buzzwords and catch-phrases — “inevitability” to “Clinton fatigue” to “Obamamania” to “he can’t win” to “team of rivals.” Same with Sarah Palin — the “hockey mom” who “Geritoled” (or Viagra’d) John McCain’s campaign back to life and threatened to supplant Mrs. Clinton as the new face of American “femocracy.” That is, until she started palling around with Katie Couric and her Joe Six-Pack bona fides got lost in the aisles of Nordstrom and a string of off-message headlines. Ms. Palin was ultimately dubbed a “whack job” by a (rogue) McCainiac, and many have dismissed her efforts at image rehab as akin to putting lipstick on something or other, we forgot."

And A Year of Films by Stephen Lang of Booked Out – from No Country for Old Men to Madagascar 2. I have actually seen three of the nineteen films on the list. As one of them features Viggo Mortensen, I don't need to say which was my favourite.

2 thoughts on “Buzzwords and films of 2008

  1. The outstanding film I saw this year was Jar City.
    Iceland, Indridason, and Erlendur but no Viggo I am afraid.;O)

  2. I’m still waiting to see that one, Norm – will have to be on DVD I suspect. I am sure it will be good, even if Viggo-less!

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