Sunday Salon: another Swedish novel

TSSbadge3 My review of Murder at the Savoy, the sixth book in the Martin Beck series, is now up at Euro Crime. The book "follows the same lean, sardonic and insightful formula as the previous volumes. It is summer, and most of the events take place in Malmo, the coastal town which is the home turf of DI Per Mansson, who has collaborated with Martin Beck in previous investigations. He's assisted by the young, ambitious Benny Skacke, newly transferred to the region after his disastrous intervention at the end of THE FIRE ENGINE THAT DISAPPEARED." Read the rest of my review here

Last week, my Euro Crime review was of The Outcast by Michael Walters, the third in what I call the author's Mongolian crime series. From my review: "THE OUTCAST is a book of two parts. In the first, we observe previously established characters as they deal with the various crimes and events going on in the city, trying to understand them and, particularly in Tunjin's case, avoid censure or worse. Sarangarel, the judge at the heart of events in the previous book, THE ADVERSARYand possible romantic interest for Nergui, becomes involved and she, as well as Solongo, end up in some danger as it becomes clear how much is at stake and the level of seniority of those involved."

I also draw your attention to yesterday's post, about a novel publishing experiment called The Dolphin Man. Some nice 'reading by installment' for the upcoming holiday season, if you would care to subscribe to The Dolphin Man blog. Probably more about science in fiction than crime in fiction, though don't be too sure.

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  1. I have not read this one yet [I have read 8 but out of order over a period of over 30 years] but anyone who says Swedish crime fiction is uniformly dark has never come across Kvant and Kristiansson.
    I am enjoying the first in the Mongolian series plenty of bodies!

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