I have found my perfect job

Finally, after all these years, I have found my perfect job! I often thought of being a librarian, I've been a bookseller, but this has to be nirvana. According to the Bookseller, Waterstones is undergoing a trial of hiring personal shoppers  – in its huge Liverpool store, admittedly, but the concept must surely spread to the south-east.

"All people have to do is tell us a little about who they need to get a present for, and the personal shopper will select the perfect gift," said the store's manager Ian Critchley. "Given we have over 60,000 books, as well as everything else we sell, we think this will be the perfect service for those who are spoilt for choice and pushed for time."

Where's the application form?


8 thoughts on “I have found my perfect job

  1. Oh, what bliss that would be. And get PAID for it, too! You shouldn’t have publicised it – there will be too much competition for too few jobs!

  2. You got it, Lynne 😉 Nice to see you over here – please write more blog posts in the coming year! Happy holidays to you.

  3. Thanks, Maxine. Happy holidays to you, too.
    You’re right, I’ve really slowed in the blogging department — not that I’m not always in high dudgeon about something I could write about! But I’m busy, busy working on $-generating projects. (You saw my latest posting re the stock market? Crikey!)
    I’m hoping President Obama pulls the rabbit out of the hat for 2009.
    New York City

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