Too strong to translate

The Times has finally caught up with the rest of us and from Monday of this week (1 December) has begun to call Mumbai Mumbai instead of Bombay. Cue the inevitable trickle of letters to the editor on place-names and associated matters. My favourite so far is by the author Anthony Powell, in today's paper (3 December, p. 33):

Sir, I was interested to read your reasons for choosing to use Mumbai rather than Bombay.
Nevertheless, having been born in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, I was taken aback to read in the biography of me printed in the programme of the Paris Opera that "Monsieur Powell était né a Chorlton-cum-Robuste".
London SE3

Background reading: rather old-fashioned article about why the Times has decided to change their house style – could and should have been written several years ago.

[Correction: I have misidentifed Mr Powell. Please see comments for details. Thanks to Philip Amos for pointing out my error.]