Sunday Salon: Last Rituals reviewed

TSSbadge3 My review of Yrsa Sigurdardottir's Last Rituals appeared at Euro Crime in the past week. The book is "an 'academic mystery': that is, the crime takes place in a university department (a student is murdered), and the solution depends on the uncovering and understanding of the victim's research, as well as of the broader mores, religion and witchcraft in medieval Europe. Yet the book is by no means heavy-going; the opposite in fact. LAST RITUALS is an assured novel, ably translated by the late Bernard Scudder. I recommend it very highly." Read the rest of my review here.

Another review, some background, and a stimulating discussion about the book can be found at It's a crime! …(or a mystery). Some disagreement is expressed with the Amazon reviews of the book, and about whether the author can be likened to Helene Tursten. (I think not.)

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