Murderous holidays, history, headlines, triffids

A bit of book news from the past couple of days.

Martin Edwards has a new section of his website devoted to Crippen. I'm not much of a one for true crime as a rule – preferring the fictional explorations of the associated mysteries and effects of such events – but Martin's new book out this month, Dancing for the Hangman, looks pretty intriguing. Read more about it here.

But if fictional, and seasonal, mysteries are more your scene, Janet Rudolph links to the Cozy list of Thanksgiving mysteries. "With dysfunctional families coming together for a big turkey dinner, its no wonder there should be so many on this list". Please note, an American said this, not me! 

The Bookseller blog reports on Headline's new thriller titles. After they lost James Patterson to Random House last year (I know, I know- but he sells by the bucketload), the publisher has picked up Jonathan Kellerman, Quintin Jardine, Carol O'Connell and an author not read by me (possibly because not before published in the UK), but for whom they have big plans, Suzanne Brockmann (or Brockman as she is also called in the same blog post).

And, exciting news, the BBC is yet again going to remake The Day of The Triffids, from the novel by John Wyndham. Previous versions (or the two I have seen, one movie and one BBC production from the 1980s on DVD rental a year or so ago) suffered dreadfully from budgetary constraints and risible special effects. As did, in my opinion, the clone of the book, 28 days later, which also suffered in other ways. But the computer-graphics era should take care of that, so maybe we'll get an unbeatable combination of great acting/production, with decent set-pieces. There will be two 90-minute films as well, so the book won't be truncated as much as it was in the movie. Now, all I have to do is to make the time to watch all the other programmes I keep recording (to include Wallander this Sunday) and I'll be well-set for Wyndham.

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