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The Honeytones are a rock’n’ roll band formed in 2001 by Bob Courtney and two residents of a North Devon care home for learning disabled adults. Their huge enthusiasm attracted new members from the same community, and they are now a nine-piece outfit centred on keyboards and guitar with a large and wide-ranging repertoire. They have performed for local organisations, charities and at many public events and want to continue doing so. Unfortunately the future of the band is bleak. The residential home where they live is scheduled to close, leaving them with no transport. At present, the equipment (three Transit loads!) is stuffed into Bob’s terraced house. The band are clubbing together to hire South Molton Church Hall for weekly rehearsal sessions. But the good news is that they’ve got through to the finals of the “Peoples Millions 2008” on ITV Westcountry which will be televised TODAY, 25 November 2008. If the band wins the public vote then they stand to gain nearly £50,000 to enable them to take their performances out to a wider public, especially the young and disadvantaged in society.

The phone number to Vote Honeytones is 0871 626 8166 and you can vote ten times. The cost is 10 p from a local landline and more from mobiles. Voting is 9.00 a.m. to midnight UK time, so please support this very good cause.

"Four of Her Majesty’s prisons have expressed interest in The Honeytones. If they are successful with the Peoples Millions award, The Honeytones will purchase their own minibus, a trailer for their equipment along with generator and marquee which will make them virtually independent. They will not have the safe rehearsal and storage base which they previously enjoyed but their music and infectious enthusiasm will continue to entertain audiences in North Devon and beyond."

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