Scandinavia getting everywhere

An event occurred today that I had predicted would never happen. Of course, I know that one should never say never, but this time I thought I was safe. I was wrong.

Tonight, my husband told me he had started reading a blog.

I was not sure he even knew what a blog is, but he's reading one. So I took a look at it (in fact, I subscribed, sight unseen). Here is what I read:

"Tonight, the British economy has taken on a Scandinavian, left-wing tinge."

Well, it isn't quite my scene to read about such matters but Scandinavia is quite fashionable at the moment on this blog, so I'll give it a chance. (Even though its author seems over-fond of one-sentence paragraphs.)

In the meantime, if Scandinavia is more your scene than the economy, Karen Meek of Euro Crime is continuing her one-woman speed takeover of Facebook by discovering a group called 'Fans of Scandinavian crime novels', so feel free to join that. (If the direct link doesn't work, you can find me, Karen or Norman Price on Facebook and join from there.)

(More Scandinavian crime fiction.)