That’s what Frank Wilson said

Frank Wilson, of Books Inq., the Epilogue,  and formerly of the Philadelphia Inquirer, will be writing a weekly column for When Falls the Coliseum — 'That's What He Said'.The column consists of quotations, essays and "following a train of thought wherever it leads". Frank's inaugural article is here, and here's a taster:

"The door of the bedroom slowly opened and a short, squat figure clad in black entered the room. The only light was that coming from the hall and I couldn’t make out any details. The figure seemed to be carrying something like a cushion, and when it got to the bed began to lower it toward my face. I reached up to ward this off, but found my hands wouldn’t move beyond a certain point. I could feel the muscles in my forearms tense but it was as if they had encountered an invisible force field."

Intrigued? Frank's columns are archived here, so do check out the link each week.