POD moves up a further step

The Bookseller blog reports that Random House is to begin marketing its print-on-demand titles as a distinct list, Random Collection, in January. Random is launching a dedicated website, which will be interactive and searchable, beginning with a list of 750 titles with further books added throughout the year. If readers request a book that is out of print, the publisher says it will check out the rights to see if it can be reissued POD. Among the authors set to be available in the POD format when the new site launches are Josephine Tey, some of the lesser known Neville Shute novels, Henry Green, Patrick White, Elizabeth Bowen, all the Ebury backlist and lots of non-fiction.

I've written about this before (and I am not alone in that!), for example in this post of December 2006 , which caused a bit of a row. Seems as if time is proving me right (along with a lot of other people who think the same way that I do).