Commenting on this blog just became easier

Typepad, the blogging platform of Petrona, has just updated its commenting forms, hooray. The comment form is now on the post page itself, so you don't have to click through interstitial pages to comment. The comment field itself is now at the top of the form, so you can make your comment first before inputting your name and address, and the anti-spam CAPTCHA window is immediately below the comment field, all on same page. I hope this will make commenting a more pleasant experience. There are also one or two other tweaks, eg a preview feature and a more intelligent message, so that you know your comment has been received – this should be helpful to people who end up making multiple comments because the system isn't very clear about whether the comment has "worked" or not.

I guess I will now receive no comments to this post, having written all that. It was nice while it lasted, though.

17 thoughts on “Commenting on this blog just became easier

  1. I've just popped in to try it out Maxine. The CAPTCHA isn't showing here though so I guess it pops up once I click post. Things don't seem to be a lot different to me except that the comment field is showing immediately below the post.

  2. Thanks, All! Well, it was different when I tried it myself, but if it always has been easy and still is, then great!
    CrimeFicR – I assume from your comment that this is a feature that TypePad will be gradually rolling out, as they are doing with their other changes……so one of these days, you will innocently go to your blog and find a change – I hope, experienced as an improvement. I am still not sure about the posting features, I still don't like that double toolbar.

  3. Maxine,
    Following a bit of a debacle with Typepad over the recent posting "upgrade", I have been invited to beta-testing. Is it worth it? I remain more than a bit scared after what I consider to be a bit of a fiasco on the "upgrade" front. Would love to hear your opinions, here or by email. Thanks.

  4. Should come up after you press "post". They (Typepad) think this is an easier way for people to comment than the previous system.

  5. CrimeFicR: From what I can tell, everyone on Typepad will get the upgrades anyway, but if you sign up for beta testing you'll get them sooner rather than later. I did sign up for beta testing but did encounter rather a lot of bugs, which are irritating and take time to report. But the Typepad people are so nice, and they do appreciate the feedback – and fix the bugs….or at least, the ones I reported. So I suppose it just depends on how much time you want to give them – they like you to try out new features as they announce them and then let them know what works and what doesn't.

  6. They (Typepad) are muppets. I have a number of times submitted a comment (not just here), hit 'post' and walked away, only to come back a number of hours later to find it waiting for me to enter the damned thing.
    Bah. When I rule the world, the internet will be a better place.

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