Commenting on this blog just became easier

Typepad, the blogging platform of Petrona, has just updated its commenting forms, hooray. The comment form is now on the post page itself, so you don't have to click through interstitial pages to comment. The comment field itself is now at the top of the form, so you can make your comment first before inputting your name and address, and the anti-spam CAPTCHA window is immediately below the comment field, all on same page. I hope this will make commenting a more pleasant experience. There are also one or two other tweaks, eg a preview feature and a more intelligent message, so that you know your comment has been received – this should be helpful to people who end up making multiple comments because the system isn't very clear about whether the comment has "worked" or not.

I guess I will now receive no comments to this post, having written all that. It was nice while it lasted, though.