Happy birthday to our favourite librarian

Books_cake_thumbA roll of drums for B. I.'s fave, "the greatest librarian in the Galaxy" [Books, Inq. the Epilogue], who "truly makes the Internet a more human place" [Petrona]. Also for Dave.

Many thanks to Dave Lull, without whose efforts and generosity this interview wouldn’t have taken place."[2 Blowhards] on "Websurfer magnifique and thinking-guy extraordinaire Dave L."

From When Falls the Coliseum: "Thus I have a deep appreciation for the art of reference. But times have changed. Since the advent of the internet I no longer have to nag and be a nuisance at my local library. The thrill of tracking down an elusive tidbit is all but gone. Almost everything I ever wanted to know is available with the stroking of a few strategic keywords.  When it is not? No worries. There is always Dave Lull — a jewel.

Jodie Lane: "The magnitude of Dave Lull’s presence on the net is awe-inspiring. It’s true. Dave is the real force behind the blogosphere. Sadly, I do not know the man, but I find him absolutely fascinating. He is the super-hero of the internet. Everywhere I read — Dave has already been there. Corrected, amended, and moved on down the lonely information super-highway."

Scott Stein: "apparently, the entire blogosphere owes all of its content to Dave Lull."

Patrick Kurp at Anecdotal Evidence: "I still get the question: “Who is this Dave Lull guy?” As Pascal said of God (no blasphemy intended) Dave is the circle whose center is everywhere in the blogosphere and whose circumference is nowhere. He is a blogless unmoved mover. He is the lubricant that greases the machinery of half the online universe worth reading. He is copy editor, auxiliary conscience and friend. He is, in short, the OWL – Omnipresent Wisconsin Librarian."

Susan Balee: "Thank you Dave Lull, you are indispensable."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Warm thanks to Dave Lull for tracking reviews".

OWL's Friend Feed room, Librarian's Place (a collection of articles found by Dave, and occasionally his friends) is free for all to join and comment on these articles. (An earlier archive is here.)

Or see Seth's blog

Many more acknowledgements of contributions by Dave Lull can be seen here

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to our favourite librarian

  1. Thanks, Maxine. Even more than usual, I’m at a loss for words. I wish I had as fertile a mind as do you and my other blogging and commenting friends.

  2. Thanks for that, Maxine – I have indeed always wanted to know more about who Dave Lull is as his name does appear frequently. And what nice things people say about him. Happy birthday, indeed!

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