Financial ups and downs

Henry Gee is pleased at the sales of his novel By The Sea. He writes that  "lulu has sent me my first tranche of revenue, a thrilling £6.27, based on my first ten sales. As befits this truly twenty-first century publishing enterprise, the money sailed my way by PayPal." Well done, Henry – well on his way to his first million.

Henry's raking it in, but for those worried about the world situation, help is at hand. From The Great Beyond: "Nothing is immune from the current financial crisis / credit crunch / liquidity meltdown / world doom. Even Nature News is not immune, as we’ve just launched our ‘Finance in crisis specials page." In The Great Beyond's 'financial doom' round-up, find summaries of what the world's media is saying about forest finance, food finance and university finance.

Fifty books that deserve a wider readership

Kim of Reading Matters blog draws attention to an article in the Daily Telegraph about how the organisers of World Book Day asked publishers to submit titles that they thought "deserved a wider readership" (don't publishers think that about all their books? I would!). From these submissions, the World Book Day people created a list of 50 fiction and non-fiction books, and invite readers to "vote for your favourite book on the list, so that we can find The Book to Talk About 2009".  As Kim points out, this is going to be hard if hardly anyone has read the books. Kim (who is a reading marvel) has reviewed only one, which I take it means that she's read only one. I haven't read any.

The full list is here.

World Book Day page, with voting details.