Just a few interesting posts

Just a few interesting blog posts I've read in the past week or so:
"America suffered from a wasting disease, he wrote — a kind of sickness that didn’t exist in the hard times of his 1930s youth. “There were wishes but no wants. And underneath it all the building energy like gases in a corpse. When that explodes, I tremble to think what will be the result. Over and over I thought that we lack the pressures that make men strong and the anguish that makes men great. The pressures are debts, the desires are for more material toys and the anguish is boredom. Through time, the nation has become a discontented land.” "
"Sir Sean is the latest in a distinguished line-up of world figures who have posed for Leibowitz to promote Louis Vuitton's 'Core Values' campaign, which is benefitting The Climate Project, spearheaded by Al Gore."
"While his running mate’s statements have been ambiguous, John McCain has set his position on climate change firmly on the record. “I believe that climate change is real,” he said at a Wisconsin rally (Chicago Sun Times), “I believe that greenhouse gasses are a threat to our planet.” However, according to the Sun Times “some in the very partisan crowd” booed him for this statement."
I really like this post. It is fascinating how much more interesting newspapers, blogs etc are *when there is something to report and to have an opinion on*. Makes a change from the usual "making things up", media hype and spin, and blog hysteria over petty details. We may all be going to hell in a handbasket but at least it is interesting reading about it. 
"Recently the New York Times announced that it will be syndicating content from three well-known blogs, Read/Write Web, Giga Om and Venture Beat. The New York Times is using these blogs as an extra-sensory organ; they can dial into what is happening in the tech sector (and particularly the West Coast with this trio) without allocating a lot of internal resources to it. Smart move. As newspapers are locked in a desperate bid for survival I get the sense that we are watching the business equivalent of A Star is Born. In this case the iconic, shaggy-maned newsman falls for a feisty blogger with a horrific perm. Two strangers meeting in life's stairwell; One headed down – the other headed up… Let's hope this pairing has a better ending."
Just one of many reasons why I can't deal with Twitter.
"O'Reilly argues that Silicon Valley has strayed from the passion and idealism that fuel innovation to instead follow what he calls the "mad pursuit of the buck with stupider and stupider ideas." Flush with money and opportunity following the post-dot-com resurgence, he says, some entrepreneurs have cocooned in a "reality bubble," insulated from poverty, disease, global warming and other problems that are gripping the planet. He argues that they should follow the model of some of the world's most successful technology companies, including Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which sprang from their founders' efforts to "work on stuff that matters." "