Films (too) inspired by books

Thanks to Clare Dudman, who has a good memory, here is a site that lists films by almost any category you could care to think of: science and scientists, for example, nuns with guns and women cops. Whether you are interested in the top-grossing movies of a particular year, or amputation and body parts, there is something here for you.

But the reason Clare sent me the link is because of its comprehensive listing of books into film. Last year we discussed "movies better than the books that spawned them", suggestions including The Graduate, Brokeback Mountain, Farenheit 451, The Election, The Birds, Children of Men, and more. (Someone even had the temerity to suggest Harry Potter!) Now, those interested in identifying titles for the honour can indulge to their hearts' content, with what seems to be about 100 entries for "books to film" for a wide range of authors. Enjoy! And thank you again, Clare.

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  1. Richard Akerman has pointed me to his selections. Here is one:
    Don’t agree on the Harry Potter, of course. I do agree on Blade Runner. I haven’t read The NeverEnding Story though I have caught enough segments of the movie over the years (while in and out of rooms) to get the general drift. Count of Monte Christo – ashamed to say have not read book or seen movie, though I have read quite a bit of non-fiction about the period so I know the thesis.
    And again here:
    Most of these I have either seen movie or read book but not both. HP and the P of A – no way! The book is superb, it was the “breakthrough from good adventure story to genius” book in the series. The movie was OK but a mere synopsis of the rich novel. Philip Pullman – the book of Northern Lights was immensely superior to the film of Golden Compass. The rest – no real opinion though I did like the movie of The Princess Bride (have not read book).

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