Breaking news from the bench

Invitrogen You couldn't predict what is going to get scientists all excited. The Nobel prizes (announced this week)? Well, maybe, but this new cell culture bottle (new angle, compact design, wide mouth, large labels) is really where it is at. 

Here are some comments at FriendFeed on this innovation:

"Invitrogen's redesigned cell culture bottle. Looks great. – Ricardo Vidal

I'm a fan of good design. This almost makes me want to do cell culture again! – Shirley Wu

That looks so good I'd DRINK it! What is it, raspberry? – Victor / Mendeley Team
The music in the demo video is amazing! I've never been so excited for cell culture. – John Delacruz "
These are a bit better than the (suspicious-looking) endorsements on the manufacturer's website:
“Can't believe no one has done this before.”
  • Anonymous, ComBio 2008, Australia

 “Great for storage.”

  • Anonymous, ComBio 2008, Australia

 “Pipetting will be so much better now.”

  • Anonymous, ComBio 2008, Australia

 “The new bottle is better.”

  • R.C. San Diego State University

It is nice to live in a world where a humble bottle can be so well-received. And what a website – head on over, you might be able to get a "limited edition bendy bottle man" with the imaginative monkier of Sir Isaac Bottleton.