A few book stories, e and otherwise

More on e-readers, which look set to acquire ever-more bells and whistles.

Nice pictures of the device itself at Books Inq., The Epilogue: 'Sony's new reader turns heads and pages', states the post's title.

Here's James Long of The Digitalist on '10 ways to gain a lover- of e-books.' (Or, 10 things e-publishers could do for readers.)

Battle of the sneak-peaks: Reader vs Kindle (via Readerville) – Sony's announcement of the next "generation" (aka "version") of its e-reader, and unofficial pictures of the Kindle upgrade (version 1 still unavailable in the UK). And, guess what, Sneak peak at Kindle 2 – same blog, better pictures.

A nice take from Martyn Daniels: Always online? "Why download files that may only have a limited life support system to devices that in the case of ebooks are clearly transient when you can be connected to anywhere at anytime? Online content is surely the ultimate goal."

If you'd prefer some "conventionally read book" reviews, here are a couple of good ones:

Stephen Lang on The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce.

Dovegreyreader scribbles (who is about to retire) on Pompeii, Life of a Roman Town, by Mary Beard.

Apropos of nothing relevant to this post, but I like it, is the incomparable Mary Beard herself on My Bradford and Bingley Mortgage. I know just how she feels, but that, as they say, is another story.