Many Lords a leaking

The House of Lords has reconvened after the recess in exciting times – some might say too exciting. The Peer bloggers are back too, on their Lords of the Blog. Here's Baroness Murphy on the latest reshuffle:

"Perhaps I’m looking at the changes in Government with the jaundiced eye of someone who has seen far too many changes in senior and junior ministers before they have mastered their brief. One of the reasons Lord Sainsbury was such an effective science minister was that he was simply there a long time, 8 years I think and had time to learn and gain experience of  a wide range of policy matters." 

Good man, Lord Sainsbury. Now, I must leave – I am without water and have been listening to Thames Water's ghastly menus and music for 15 minutes on their so-called "emergency" line in an attempt to find a human being who knows what is happening. Where's a Lord when you need one?*

* Just got through to a nice lady called Suzanne. She says that there are two major mains bursts on the next road, necessitating the mains supply to 160 houses to be switched off. This happened at 1801, and apparently "they" have six hours to fix the problem. So we should be reconnected by 0001 – not much joy to those who want a bath or to do the washing up, but we can boil a kettle using mineral water if we get desperate for a cup of tea.

Update: we are reconnected. 2005. I hope "they" received a bonus. Now off to do the washing up.